Accessing and Downloading Student Recordings for Review

One of the useful advantages that DiLL offers is the automation of saving and collecting student work.  In DiLL, as soon as a student makes a recording (in the context of a task) that recording is automatically saved and upload to your DiLL Server.

This blog post goes over how to access and download your student recordings.

Step One: Login to your DiLL Server’s Web Interface

Login to your DiLL Server’s web interface with your teacher username and password.

Step Two: Locate your students’ recordings

Choose the type of activity your task is saved under (this will correlate to the type of task you created). In DiLL there are three different types of tasks:

  1. Recording only task – this type of task allows students to make blank recordings.  Example activities using this type of task may include: have students make a simple recording, pair students up and record their conversation, have students record against a non-audio stimulus (e.g., movie, picture, document, etc.)
  2. Lesson-based task – this type of task is associated with an audio file from the DiLL Catalog (e.g., drill based lesson)
  3. Synchronized task – this type of task is where the teacher has full control (what the students hear and when they record).  Example activities using this type of task may include: AP Exam, ad-hoc oral exam, having students record for a given amount of time simultaneously, etc.

Step Three: Listen and Download Recordings

To download student recordings for the whole class, use the “Archive Task to Zip” button. This feature has the DiLL Server prepare a zip file that contains one MP3 file per student, each containing all of that student’s recordings concatenated together.

If you’d like to download individual recordings, right the “(DL)” link next to each individual recording and choose “Save File As…” and navigate to the folder you’d like to save the file to. You can also try holding down the OPTION key and clicking on the link. This will download the recording to the default downloads folder on your Mac.

If using the “Archive Task to Zip” feature, after pressing the button you’ll be prompted to choose how you want your MP3 files saved (by default its saved using the student’s username, e.g., louie.mp3) and asked to enter an email address that the DiLL Server will use to contact you with a link to download the zip file containing the MP3s with your student’s recordings.

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