Making Files Private on the DiLL Server

Audio lessons/files marked “private” in the DiLL Catalog are only accessible to students via a teacher created Task. Lessons/files marked “private” are hidden from students in the DiLL Catalog.

There are two ways to make a lesson/file “private” in DiLL.

Method One: The lesson/file has not been uploaded to the DiLL Server. (see blog post: “DiLL How-To:Uploading Audio Files to DiLL Server” to learn how to upload files to the DiLL Server)

Step One: After dragging-and-dropping audio files into the DiLL Catalog Manager, unselect the “public” checkbox next to the file you wish to make private before uploading.

Method Two: The lesson/file has been uploaded to the DiLL Server.

Step One: Login to the DiLL Server Web Interface as a DiLL Super User. Once logged in click on “Administrative Menu” at the top of the page.

Step Two: Click on “Add, update, delete content: subject, books, lessons”.

Step Three: Click on the “Subject” where there lesson/file resides.

Step Four: Click on the “Book” where the lesson/file resides.

Step Five: Click on the lesson/file you want to make private.

Step Six: In the “Visibility” section, check the “Private” bubble and hit the “Submit” button.

The lesson/file is now private! Students may only access the file via a teacher created task. The lesson/file is now hidden from students when viewing the catalog.

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