Promoting a User Account to “Teacher”

Promoting a user account to “Teacher” status in DiLL is performed via the DiLL Server Web Interface.

DiLL has three user account tiers:

  1. Super User
  2. Teacher
  3. Student
Access the DiLL Web Interface to: Super User Teacher Student
  Review and download student recordings
  View and assign private lesson tracks
  Add, update, delete content: subjects, books, lessons
  Create, modify, delete user accounts
  Set fallback passwords for user accounts
  Promote accounts to “Teacher” and “Super User”
  Assign subjects to teachers
Upload lesson tracks using Dill Catalog Manager

Note: students cannot access the DiLL Web Interface. By default, all accounts are student accounts until promoted to Teacher and/or Super User. 

To promote an account to “teacher” status in DiLL:

Has the teacher logged into DiLL already?

  • Yes – Continue to step one
  • No – Have the teacher log into DiLL (using either the student/teacher software or the web interface)

Step One: log in to the DiLL Web Interface as a Super User and click on “Administrative Menu”.

Step Two: choose “3. Language administrator administration”

Step Three: under the “Add an administrator” section, enter the teacher’s account name (their directory username).

The teacher should now appear in the “List of Administrators” table.

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